Going insane trying to upgrade

Hey folks!

I am literally going to go insane soon I think. I’ve been trying to upgrade my 1.8.4 Xibo docker to 2.0 or 2.0.1 or 2.0.3…I don’t even care which at this point.

I have followed the instructions numerous times and either I’m doing something wrong or it’s pretty much toying with me at this point. I have searched and searched and I can’t seem to find anything outside of what I’m doing that should be working. I have been using Xibo for a LONG time and back when 1.8 was released, I went through the switch to docker as was recommended. Since doing that, I have tried multiple times to upgrade and I am always stuck with version 1.8.4.

Can someone please assist or at the very least stab me in the eye because I just can’t take this anymore!

Maybe I should just start from scratch?

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We will happily assist and don’t plan on stabbing anyone’s eye :slight_smile:

Do you confirm you followed those instructions including the preliminary checks at the top?

Have you also updated the version tag in your docker-compose file?

Can you expand on what error/ issue you encounter ultimately? or there are no particular error but at the end of the process it looks like you haven’t upgraded?
Also which version of Docker rare are running? and what OS is installed on your CMS/

Hi nell :slight_smile:

Yes I can confirm that I followed those instructions. I’ve done so numerous times. :grimacing:

There doesn’t appear to be any errors that I can tell. I stop the docker, it does so without error. I docker down and that happens without error as well. I upload the replacement files and or have even used wget to get the file, unpacked it and then started up again and it just comes back up and is the same 1.8.4 version. None of my data is gone. It’s as if it’s just shutting down and coming back up with zero changes.

This is running on a Digitalocean droplet of 16.04.3. Docker version is…Docker version 18.09.7, build 2d0083d.

Also for what it’s worth, I did back up the files in /shared and there was indeed a recent backup of the database so it appears there are no write issues.

Thank you for providing more information.
What about the version tag? have you updated it in your docker-compose file?

I"m not sure what you mean. I don’t believe I saw any instruction on anything related to that? Unless I missed it?

Can you please send us a screenshot of the content of your docker-compose.yml file? many thanks