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Hi everyone, I would like to go back to version 2.0.6 of xibo, as with 2.2.2 I can’t longer update the displays and I cannot add the new ones, so I decided to go back to 2.0.6, but when I try to put the old version, the xibo goes to offline mode and asks for a database update, how do I go back to the old version? If from the terminal I give the command “php vendor / bin / phinx migrate”, it gives me the following error: warning no environment specified, defaulting to: production

How can I solve it?

To downgrade Xibo you need to restore from a backup - the application itself only supports upgrading.

Would it be better to help you diagnose what the problem is with adding/updating Displays? If you could describe what happens it might be something easy to fix.

I can’t longer add a new display, the error I have when I try to connect the Android player is (Ver. 2 R203) (CMS Vesion 2.2.2): Unable to Register as the CMS has sent an error. syntax error, unexpected ‘?’ How can I solve it? Thanks for your help.

If you’re able to collect a Report Fault and send it here (make sure you redact anything sensitive) then we should be able to assist.

I installed the version of php 5.5.9, could this be the problem?

The minimum required is PHP 7.0.8 but we suggest 7.2 for XIbo 2.2

This is not offered as a solution to your problem, but as a solution to future problems. I mounted my production environment in a proxmox container and gave it a public IP. It works great and with nightly backups I can restore a non working upgrade or issue in 10 minutes. Hope you get it resolved.

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