Global media #Marketing

Hey Together,
litle Question…

I try to builde this constellation;

User Group :

  • Department Marketing
  • Department A
  • Department B

Each Department can creat there own Layouts und upload there own Media, just for the own use.
The Department Marketing can Upload Media und creat Layouts for the Global use.

I’ve realized it with an User Group wich is called “Global Media” each User has this User Group to his primary User Group.

Now the Problem:

  • If an User Uploads some Media, this is show every where, because they are part of “Global Media”.

Is there any Option, that Just the Media and Layouts from the User of the User Group “Department Marketing” are shown in the Group “Global Media” not from each other User?

I hope you understand my Problem and have some Ideas.

With kind regards!

If you do not want all media and Layouts to be shown for all Users, I would recommend removing the Global Media group and only using the Department User groups you mentioned in your message.

This way, when a member of each Group creates a new Layout or uploads Media to the Library, only members of that Group will be able to see them. You can manually adjust the View and Edit permissions for each Layout/Media by clicking on the down facing arrow at the end of the Layout/Media entry and choosing Permissions from the menu. You can then set the View and edit Permissions as you would like them to be.

Many Thanks.