Getting problem while installing xibo player in Linux Ubuntu 16.04

Can get help for below issue will running the xibo player.
While I am laughing the client getting exception as below:

Terminate called after throwing an instance of boost:: exception_detail::clone_impl cboost:: exception_detail::error_info injectors cboost:: property_tree::ptree_bad_path>>

I am trying to run xibo player on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 but facing the issue after clicking on launch client button.
Please let me know if I am missing something.

Thank you for your message. I have installed Ubuntu 16.04.6 and was able to install and launch the Xibo for Linux player.

I would recommend uninstalling the Player and making sure that Ubuntu is up to date before attempting to reinstall the Player. Can you also confirm the command you used to install the Player? For reference I used snap install xibo-player --channel=stable

Many Thanks.

I used snap run --shell xibo-player command to install xibo-player on my Ubuntu 16.04

Xibo-player version 1.8-R1 and cms version 1.8.9

Thank you for the information. I suspect the issue may relate to the fact you are using 1.8.9 CMS, which I don’t think has a Profile for Linux. I would recommend upgrading your CMS to 1.8.13 and then trying to connect your Linux Player again. To confirm, I was using 1.8.13 and 2.0.4 CMS when I tried Xibo for Linux on 16.04.

Many Thanks.