Get images form RSS on 1.8.2


I create a new xibo server using version 1.8.2, and I have a problem to get images form rss (

I alredy use it on the version 1.7 and it work, but in this version the images not showing.

I alredy see this post (RSS and XML Feed pictures not showing. 1.8.2) but de tag [media:content|image|url], don’t work for me.

Do you have any sugestion where is the problem?
I alredy try use [Link|image] and [media:content|image|url] but without sucess.


There’s no tag containing an image in that feed? Only title, description and link.

For Xibo to extract the image tag, it needs to be a proper MediaRSS feed. Here’s an example:

See how the image URL is in a tag of its own.

I was making some change/test to the code os rss feed.
It have the image now (, but still not load the image.

The error may be on the code generate by the rss feed, your feed load image without problem.

I try my feed ( on Xibo 1.7.9 and it work, the new version 1.8.2 don’t work.

I gona try to override the souce code of the feed…


You still don’t have a separate tag for your image URL in that feed. Please see my example.

Xibo 1.7 and 1.8 work in different ways. In 1.7, you’re just showing the description tag, and the image is being downloaded by the Player at the time of display each time. If the internet connection is lost, the images will stop being shown.

In 1.8, if you’re showing images in the way the example feed works, then those images are downloaded once by the CMS and distributed to the Players so that they can be shown even if the internet connection goes down.

Problem solved.
Thanks for the reply.

Inside rss has this type of metarial like this.

Standart rss should write like this. Computer programers say this Atom RSS.

title>“---------something here----------------”</title
link>“https://www. adress here---------------------” </link
description>“---------some descrtiption write here-----------------”</description
image>“----------image url is here---------------------”</image
summary>" ---------some summary about title "</summary
published>"2017-12-21T06:09:00+03:00 "</published
author>"name>"NAME HERE “”</author

Xibo digital signage system want to find in side to rss everything correcly. But everyone know some rss desing is a different. I am tired to change rss read method for a xibo signage system.

Some rss feed using img - image - pic- picture - media - media data - url etc. If you change [Link image] and [media: content | image | url] some times working wrongly.

I found one web site. It’s read rss perfectly. Example (

I registred this site using very easy for me . Just web name shoving 14 days later. It is gived you html code to use rss perfectly designed.

I am using in my system.

who want to see perfect rss with pictures can use nowaday. when xibo change or solve this typical rss problems i can turn back original xibo rss reader.

First picture is feed mike example.

Second picture Xibo rss reader example.

I solve this problem this methode. Maybe can help your problem.

Have a nice day.