Get Android client status every day

CMS 1.8.13, over 600 Android clients version 1.8, build 102-109.
Through CMS we get the status from the client through the Request a screen copy button and look for NotifyStatus entries in the Journal.
How can I make it automatically so that clients send to NotifyStatus CMS daily?1

Try using the screenshot interval option in the Display Profile > Advanced tab and set to 1440 minutes to get a screenshot a day.

I do not need a screenshot. I need to get client status remotely.

The log you are after will be sent in conjunction with the screenshot request as mentioned.

  1. Created a new profile Android_ScreenShot.
  2. Assigned an Android_ScreenShot profile to multiple displays.
  3. I waited 1 hour.
  4. All displays sent a screenshot.
  5. There are no NotifyStatus in the Journal from any of the displays.

If you manually request a screenshot, NotifyStatus will appear in the log.

How can I automatically receive NotifyStatus displays?

To get the NotifyStatus log you need to use the ‘Screenshot Interval’ and set that to 1440 minutes. This setting can be found on a Display Profile on the Advanced tab:

If you are a Xibo in the Cloud customer then, by default, this setting will be hidden and so do let us know if this is indeed the case.

Thank you

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