Generalize layout background options

Layout Background choice

be able to change the background of a layout from a list of choices, images, videos, html package as these are the ones that have currently a library implemented. Webpage url and embedded content could be also some potential candidates

User Story

Movement and animations are very eye catching on digital signage screens. Right now you have to create a top region show as background and the content regions to show the layout content. You can use a template but anyway, you are mixing “layout” and content on the timeline.

I found that there is a current feature just for videos marked as duplicated, but I can’t figure the original request to add my comments as posible improvements over the original.

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As previously discussed all Players would need to support that functionality first:

And if it could be done with just a change on the cms part?

I mean, you can add a “virtual” region which contains the background, just like I’m doing it manually, but let’s say more ux friendly.

The video and web package background works at least on current players for Android and windows (both old and new edge), I did not test still on linux, but I could try in a virtual machine.

The Windows player does not support overlapping regions and so this would need to be supported in the first instance.

I will certainly pass your comments onto the dev team :+1:

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We’re working toward having all Players support overlapping content (the trial version of the wpf windows player does support that).

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