Provide option to choose video file as background


Some players supports video as backgrounds for content which can be overlaid on top of region with video such as text, image, webpage media items.

Currently this can be achieved by having one extra region for video as background (with lowest layering order).

It would be great if there is an option to choose a video as background in the background properties form as it currently does for images.

This eliminates the need to have extra regions (as background) which makes designing layout much more easier, cleaner and possibly lighter for the player to handle (less regions).


Good idea! In android, there is support for layering but not in windows side.

I agree this would be a good idea, but only once we have that support in both players.

There is actually an alternative request to this which is to make the background a region, rather than a property of the layout - this would obviously require some enhancements to the designer so that it had a sane UI - but it might be a better option going forward.