General Android questions


We are looking to expand our digital signage around my work place.
We have been looking at Android boxes with the android version of xibo.
So a few questions:
Whats the differences between the two pricing structures?
How much is the upgrade if we go for the one time fee?
Does xibo start automatically on the android device like it does on windows?
Can we use the same layouts across windows and android devices?

Thanks for you help


Thank you for your message and interest in the Xibo for Android Player.

Xibo for Windows is Open Source and free to download. For more information please see the below link to the Xibo for Windows page:

Xibo for Android requires a License. There are 2 options for Licensing your Xibo for Android Player:

  • A one-off purchase of a Perpetual License, which can be used with the current version of the Player and all of it’s revisions.

  • A subscription which is paid per year, which can be used with the current version of the Player and also includes upgrades to newer versions.

Upgrades for the Perpetual License can also be purchased so you can continue to use that License with newer version of Xibo. For more information on prices, please see the Xibo Shop for more information:

These are of course the broad answers to your questions, if you would like more information about the pricing of Xibo for Android Licenses, I encourage you to contact the Xibo Sales team by opening a Ticket on the Help Desk:

Regarding performance:

The Xibo for Android Player supports automatic startup. Where this differs from Windows is that you would configure this in the Display Profile you are using with your Android Displays. To find these settings, select the Display Settings option in your CMS, click the down facing triangle at the end of the Profile you are using with your Android devices and select Edit. Once the Edit Profile window has opened, click the Advanced tab and you will see the following options:

As you can see, you can set the if the Player starts after the device is powered on, you can even choose the delay you want before it starts.

You will likely find that most Layouts will be playable on both Xibo for Windows and Android however there are some exceptions to be aware of. Overlapping regions for example are supported on Xibo for Android but not Windows. RTSP streams are also only compatible with Android but not Windows. If I have missed any other incompatibilities across the versions, I will update with further messages. I would also encourage other users to comment.

I hope this helps you to make your decision, if you require more information I can’t recommend our Sales team more highly.

As a final note, I have also included a link to our recommended hardware Guide for Android, as there are helpful tips for considering a suitable hardware solution for your Players.

Many Thanks.



I think you pretty much got all of my queries down here.
The added question was going to be regarding a recommended hardware but you answered that anyway.

I will be getting in contact with the sales team soon just to get to know the costings etc.

Thanks for your help