Gap between videos


I just started with xibo 1.7.3. I set up my first Windows Client and tried to Play some short 15sec Videos Fullscreen in a row. I noticed that there is always a 1sec gap (black Screen) between the videos, which is not very pretty.

Is there any Chance to get rid of this gap to let the videos Play back to back?

I’m on Windows 7 with i5 8GB Ram and SSD as media drive.



I haven’t been using Xibo for too long, but I have experience what you are describing. I don’t think you can actually remove/ reduce the transition time. This time is more or less what it takes for a workstation to end one video and move to the next. I have found that changing the background color of the layout can definitely make the transitions look better. For example, in my environment a lot of what we display has white backgrounds so changing the background color of the layout from the default black to white really made a lot of difference. Also, do you have your videos in different layouts or the same? The transition might be longer if the videos are in different layouts than if they were in the same. Just a thought.

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Hi Kevin,

thanks for your thoughts! Did that but I still have a short black flash between the videos. That really doesn’t look nice. So the only option is to fade all videos from and to black.

Any chance that one of the programmers could fix this in a future release? Gapless playback is an important feature to every POS-system. If I play the videos in the media player it is possible to play them without any gap so it should be possible in Xibo too. Or do I miss anything here? Is there something that I can tweak to make this work?



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You haven’t missed anything - what you are experiencing is the raw time it takes the PC to remove one video and replace it with another one.

We have this as an improvement point for our new player development, where we will try to render the second video off screen so that it is ready to rock when the current one ends.

@dan Do you have any relase date for this new player version ?

Not as yet - but it is a tentative goal to have something for testing/community improvement by the time we release 1.8 in the summer.

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Hi, place a full screen image in the background of the template. I use my logo. During the gap, the logo appear (depend by the gap time). Waiting a xibo’s transient solution (for me) my solution solve partially the problem. Ciao

Thanks for mentioning your workaround!

It is unfortunately not really a workaround because you still get black flashes between the video. In fact it is worse because you get 3 flashes:

outgoing video
black flash
background image
black flash
next video

which makes it much more chaotic to watch.


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For the avoidance of doubt, s/he was suggesting having the background image behind the video region - not inserted in-between the videos.

Yes and exactly this leads to the described scenario: 3 flashes.

I tried it with a white background image. No chance to get uninterrupted playback without black flashes between the videos.


Hmm dunno if i was clear. Logo picture is set as background of the layout. i use this method from 1.3.2 and now also testing 1.7.3. I think is a natural situation of preload gap. All video or content insert in a vlc playlist (for example) have this problem. Also suppose that a preload and a transition method embedded in xibo player, raise cpu and video calculation (and low budget players (atom or android) maybe don’t support. BTW try use a low res image for background. Ciao

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This is very important update. I’m looking forward to seeing this update.

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Is there an update on when this will be implemented? It’s definitely annoying to have the screen just go black.


Sorry, we don’t have any dates for 1.8 release at present. We will likely make a CMS only release first, as a new player is a large development and will take longer.

I have the same problem, i already tested 1.6.4 with CMS linux and client windows and linux, and 1.7, CMS linux and client windows and android.


Hi all! I have the same problem))) All is good, but this black screen between videos is real problem.

Hello! same problem here with player 1.7.6 - i hope the update is in the next player version implemented…

i’m using the android client…

black screen between videos are present. Any date for this app update?-

Hoping there is an update to this.

Just getting started with Xibo and I’m loving the features available but the small black screen gap in between repeating my very short video is driving me nuts. It looks very ugly when this video will be on repeat all day and night. Will there be an update to this relatively soon?

Or is there a seamless repeat option for videos that I have not been exposed to? Any update or information would be greatly appreciated.