FR/EN Défilement de page HTML/ html page scroll

Bonjour à tous,

Nous utilisons l’application XIBO pour communiquer le planning sur une grand écran. Un logiciel génère une page HTLM contenant le planning hebdomadaire pour un grand service. Tout fonctionne bien, le fichier s’affiche bien sur l’écran Xibo, cependant ce fichier est très long et on ne voit que les première lignes du planning. Ma question est la suivante : Est-il possible de faire défiler la page HTML vers le bas ? Ou faire en sorte que Xibo affiche cette page unique en plusieurs fois ?

Je m’excuse pour la version « GoogleTrad » en anglais.

Je vous remercie de toute l’aide que vous pourrez m’apporter

Good morning all,
We use the XIBO application to communicate the schedule on a big screen. A software generates an HTML page containing the weekly schedule for a large service. Everything works fine, the file is displayed on the Xibo screen, however this file is very long and we only see the first lines of the schedule. My question is: Is it possible to scroll the HTML page down? Or have Xibo display this unique page in several times?
I apologize for the GoogleTrad version in English.
Thank you for all the help you can give me

Hi 103, welcome to the Xibo Community Forum! It is not possible to have the page scroll down on your Player, it is also not possible to have Xibo display the content on the HTML across multiple views. If the schedule on the HTML is too large to be fully shown on your Display, you will need to find an alternative way to retrieve that data so you can format it in a way that can be shown on your Player.

Some users have found they can manually scroll a page using a connected mouse but this is not guaranteed or necessarily a solution to your issue.

What type of schedule are you trying to display? Is it possible you could enter the schedule into a Dataset or Text widget so you can format the information to fit on the screen?

Many Thanks.