ForecastIO does not show anything

I installed the new 1.7.3 release to test out some of the new features, expecially the weather widget. But it doesn’t seem to work. The Server runs behind a proxy.

I did the following to get it to work:

  1. Inserted Proxy URL and Port in the Xibo CMS Settings. I’m using a port that doesn’t filter.
  2. Installed the forecastIO module.
  3. Registered on to get an API key
  4. Configured the forecast module by putting in the API key.
  5. Created a new layout with ForecastIO Media. Set duration, Latitude, Longitude, Appearence.

Now once I press Request Forecast nothing happens. No error message. But it doesn’t show the weather either.

This is what it looks like:

The free calls on don’t decrease either. I tried doing it with a browser on the server by entering,53.4
and it downloaded a .json file.

You can find my logfile here:

So your log shows us call Curl and then get nothing back.

So I suspect it’s a fatal error there. Put the CMS mode in test mode and try again. I suspect you’ll get an error from PHP directly.

It could be a missing PHP requirement, or it could be if your host has some restriction on using Curl.

I put the CMS in test mode and got the following error:

Now I’m pretty positive i didn’t fiddle with the forecast.php file but I’ll upload it anyway. I had to change the filetype to .txt because file-upload wouldn’t allow .php files.

Was this a fresh install or an upgrade?

This is a fresh install. I use it only for testing purposes before upgrading my 1.6.4 CMS.

See this thread:

It’s a known issue when using a proxy and is already fixed for 1.7.4:

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It works now. Thank you!