Forecast not working properly


I’m having problems with the forecast plugin. I see no weather, i have insert the api key. I try different views, i only have one big circle with incorrect temperature. Please can someone help me, i have read about a lot of other discussion but i could’nt fix it.

Now sometime i can see it in the preview, but on the tv screen it’s black.

Did you try installing IE 11 and making this change in Windows registry?

Are you using 1.7.6 version (cms and client) ?

Are there any errors on client’s status window?

Do you have anything else on the layout? Keep in mind Windows client doesn’t support overlapping regions.

I have Windows 10, also Windows 7 with xibo client. Internet Explorer 11 is installed. I made the change you told me.
Nothing different. The regions are not overlapped.
I use version 1.7.6 cms and client.