Forecast IO Weather Module not displaying images


on my Xibo 2.0.5 installation the weather plugin won´t display the images.
I think all files are present and die forecast displays valid text but no images.
Can anybody help me?

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Anyone some suggestions??

I use embeded html to display weather in it’s own region. WOrks fine for me

This is my layout, and I am using the Weather Widget.
If you like it, I can publish the settings I used.

Regards, Peter

Hi @sabeda :slight_smile: Welcome to the Xibo Community!

We recommend that you go to your CMS>Modules under the Administration section and click ’ Verify All ’ the blue button in the top right corner, then check if you can see the correct weather images on your Layout please.

If not then it might be that your widget customized somehow so we suggest adding a new weather widget to the region timeline and see if it all works using one of the templates we provide, if so please use this widget and delete the other one, thank you.

All the best!

Hello @nell!

Thanks for replying.

I verified all Modules how you described. Nothing has changed.

So I removed the Weather-Widget from the region timeline and added it again.
As you can see in the screenshot I choosed Template 3 for displaying the weather.
Everythink works but the pictures are missing again :frowning: