Forecast IO Not Updating

I’m using Forecast IO to display the 7 day forecast for my area but it’s not updating. The first forecast showing is the previous day; today is Tuesday but it’s still showing the Monday forecast. In my layout editor, the forecast is updated properly but on the display, it’s incorrect. I checked the displays in the CMS and it says they’ve checked in with the server. I thought it was maybe a timezone issue, but I also have a time and date region on the display that that is showing correctly. The cache settings for Forecast IO is set to the default 300.

What is the duration of the layout? This article might be of use: Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout

If you know that your layout won’t reload once a day, make sure you have region loop ticked on your forecast region and that its own duration is something reasonable (say 1 hour).

I have the duration set to all day (86400 seconds) because every time I would set it to just one hour, that region would flash for a split second right at the end of the duration. I don’t have anything else in that region and it seemed that the loop function wasn’t working.

That was it looping - essentially reloading itself.

If your layout lasts the entire day the freshness of the forecast data will depend on when the layout loaded - worse case if it loaded at 23:59, you could be out of date for the rest of the next day.

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