Forecast IO does appear in preview but not on the connectet display

I am using Xibo with Forecast IO wich works in general what means I get data from it and it is correctly displayed in the preview. But on the screen it does not appear.
Second think: When an item in a region is set to a certain duration value like 10 seconds but there is no other item it flashes white on the display every time it reaches the end of the duration.
Maybe it’s somehow the same problem?

Du you have an idea?

Thank you.



What CMS and client version are you using please?

After the region with the longest duration ends (in this case you have only one region) whole layout will refresh.
When it does that there will be a quick blink (shouldn’t be that noticeable unless you’re looking for it)

If it’s fine in the CMS preview in most cases it should also be fine one the client.
Could you perhaps show us a screenshot of status window on your client?
I’m guessing it’s Windows client, in which case, please press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo is focused to show the status window.

I am using Player Version 1.7.6 and yes, it runs Windows 7 embeddet in a SetBackBox.

I have attached the window coming up if I press “i” as you asked for.

Thank you!!!

Question - are your CMS and client library paths pointing to the same location? (they really have to separate)

Now, it’s showing layout 10, while layout 4 seems to be invalid - which layout has forecast item?

Unable to get resource and 1 file to download, it seems that your client can’t fully download resources (I am guessing forecast resources).

Make sure that there is nothing that could block the connection, perhaps also install IE 11 and make registry change for browser emulation Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

Perhaps also run the ‘verify all’ from Modules page in CMS, restart your player and give him some time to reconnect.

Failing that, please enable debugging (Report fault page) and display auditing (displays page -> edit display -> advanced -> auditing)

The above will generate logs, you’ll want to recreate the issue and look for errors in logs, perhaps it will become clearer.

HI, finally I found time to go further.
okay the problem with the flash hase gone, I am using IE 11 now.
But the problem “unable to get Ressource…” persist.
What shoud I configure and where? In the client there is not much to configure except the local path like it is: "c:\xibo_lib"
It seems to be a problem with permission so my question: Who must have permission where? The client on the server directory or the server user on the client directory?

Triying to post again the screenshot “i” but cannot upload an image to your site.

Okay, I solved it finally. The problem was, my tomcat wasn’t running after a Java update but I did not see it becouse no other Errors came up in the CMS only the problem with the forcast IO.

Now everything is fine, thank you!!!


Oh I see, well I am glad you managed to solve it.

Apologies that I didn’t suggest that, but as you know on-premise installations vary a lot, so without some nice logs, sometimes it’s hard to guess what could be wrong. Anyway, I am glad it’s fine now.