Fonts.css download problem

After upgrading from 3.3.7 to 4.0.2 non of the Windows clients, windows 4 R400.6-400, can download fonts.css.
I have a non docker installation with Ubuntu 22.04, Mysql 8, PHP8.2, Apache2.
I’m not using any other fonts than default. I have tried to delete them and upload them again with no success.

167195,87d9a52,“2023-09-18 10:22:32”,XMDS,GetFile,POST,“Not found FileId: 1. FileType: fontCss. Unable to get file pointer”,“JE MSF000356 IT”,ERROR

167259,6a6cb34,“2023-09-18 10:26:35”,WEB,/xibo/fonts/fontcss,GET,“Loading 1. All Objects = 0”,DEBUG
167260,6a6cb34,“2023-09-18 10:26:35”,WEB,/xibo/fonts/fontcss,GET,“ModuleFactory: getValidExtensions”,DEBUG
167261,6a6cb34,“2023-09-18 10:26:35”,WEB,/xibo/fonts/fontcss,GET,“ModuleFactory: getValidExtensions”,DEBUG
167262,6a6cb34,“2023-09-18 10:26:35”,WEB,/xibo/fonts/fontcss,GET,"local font css file served from cache ",DEBUG
167263,6a6cb34,“2023-09-18 10:26:35”,WEB,/xibo/fonts/fontcss,GET,“Request stats: {
"default": {
"select": 8,
"commit": 1
"log": {
"insert": 4
"connections": 1,
"length": 0.08469009399414062,
"memoryUsage": 3304808,
"peakMemoryUsage": 3321624

Client log:
2023-09-18 11:11:26FileAgent_dependency_Id_0FileAgent - RunException in Run: Requested an invalid file.

After 2 days it started working by itself!

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