Font size on Android player R302

I upgraded from CMS version 2.3.10 to 3.0.4 today and at the same time upgraded our Android Players from R210 to R302.

Now I have a problem with a Android player on a DSCS9 device. The font size on this device is too large, it does no longer resemble the layout and also no longer fits on the screen.

I already set the font to “small” in the Android settings, the font is still too large.

Anybody experienced a similar behaviour?

I was able to resolve this issue by setting both the Font size to Small in the Display settings and also the Display size to Small in Accessibility.

Hi Lukas,

Can you give instructions on where you went to make those changes? I’m not finding them when I tried to make the changes you suggested. Nice work on figuring this solution out though!

From within the Xibo app I opened the “3-dots” menu in the top bar and chose System, which takes you to the Android system settings. Almost all the way to the bottom you find Accessibility, where you can set Font size and Display size.


Thanks for the suggestion, Lukas. Unfortunately I couldn’t find those settings in my Android system settings. One thing that I did want to offer up and suggest to you is that downgrading to 3.0.3 seems to have cleared up this issue for me. Not sure how many Android players you have, but that might be a more viable solution for you than having to change the settings on each individual one.

These settings might be specific for the DSCS9 device with Android version 7.1.2 .

As the issue currently affects only one client I won’t need to downgrade :slight_smile:

Lukas, thought I’d share this with you just in case you hadn’t seen it: Fonts appear too big on Android device. Looks like it’s a bug they’re looking to have addressed in the next patch release.

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