Fix for welcome tutorial that won't go away

I installed the docker version of 1.8.9 on ubuntu 16.04 and ran into an issue of the welcome tutorial not going away for non admin users. After updating to 1.8.10 to try the bugfix, and the problem not going away, I started tracking it down. It appears that if the non admin user does not have permissions to “users” that the welcome tutorial will not go away. They don’t need access to anything else. That checkbox fixes it. I don’t know if this is a bug or just an annoyance, but hopefully this helps someone out.

This was discussed multiple times on this very site already.

You’re correct, as it stands users need permissions to Users page to update their newUserWizard status to seen.

In 1.8.11, there will be a checkbox while creating/editing users to set the newUserWizard to be hidden.