FIrmware in v 1.8.12

I am having some trouble with the player versions after upgrading to 1.8.12. If I go to the Player Versions page and click the “Add Version” button to upload a firmware, everything seems to go fine except the firmware doesn’t show up in the list. In fact, no firmware shows up on the list. If I try to upload the same firmware again, I get an error message "You already own media with this name. Please choose another."If I go to “Display Settings” and try to set the version there it says “No results Found”. The file is listed under “Media” so the upload was successful. What am I missing?

You need to edit your Generic File module configuration and remove .apk from the list of valid extensions.

Then go to the Media page and delete the APK you uploaded, and re-upload it from the Player Versions screen. You should then see it listed correctly.

We already have a bug report logged for it here: