Finder errors in scheduler

Hi. I’m Sarah and work with your plataform. Now, we migrating to version 1.8 and finder errors in scheduler in the Repeat (recurring), Priority, and Permanent (period) items and invalidate the layout and the content is not passed in schedule.
I need help urgently, please! Can you help me?

What errors exactly do you see please?

Can we see some screenshots presenting the problem?

Screenshot of status window on your device would be helpful as well.

Are you currently using 1.8.2 CMS and 1.8.2 Windows player / 1.8R102 android player?

If layouts have X in status column (ie they are invalid) then they will not be displayed on the player, you’d want to enter the layout designer and see why is it invalid - if it has X in status in CMS, then it’s most likely an empty region - Why won’t my layout play? / The splash screen plays instead of my layout

Hey, thank you for your return.

I am sending down the prints.

About the problem, I did some tests and realized that the problem is not with the mentioned items, but with the item CUSTOMIZE in the SCHEDULE, as I show in the prints. When I do a custom mode schedule it appears in the calendar, but it does not go into the player update (it’s all in print).

Are you currently using 1.8.2 CMS and 1.8.2 Windows player / 1.8R102 android player?
Yes for all!

Ok, so those two or rather three displays seems to be up to date with your scheduled content

One of those displays shows XMR errors, assuming that XMR is configured on this CMS, then please
Navigate to Displays Page -> Edit this display -> Advanced page -> Reconfigure XMR & Save.

I’m not sure if I see the schedule problem you’ve mentioned.
Is that a layout or campaign scheduled to the display? Are those layouts valid?
Can I get the screenshot of status window on the device in question please?

Sorry a delay, we’re running a week, but we’ll come back with a solution.

This is a Campaing and the layouts are valid!
We really got this error and noticed that more people complained about this same error.

As requested, the screenshot follows.

Hello Peter, I have the same problem.

Scheduling of the custom type presenting problems, does not update in the player.
Scheduling with priority also does not work.

They are critical features for the system, only mode is ALWAYS working correctly.

Could you review and see with DAN if a hotfix could be made for this before releasing CMS 1.8.3?

There is no general issue with Scheduling, that is for sure, in which case I’m not certain if it’s something that we can ‘hotfix’ for you, as that seems more like an environment issue and Xibo issue.

If ‘always’ works but custom times does not, then there must be discrepancy between timezones in CMS, server and players.
Similar if scheduling with ‘run at CMS time’ and without it gives different results then it’s clear that the timezones do not match.

You can enable auditing on the player as well as assign a display profile with audit log level to it.
Then in logs you should see schedule.xml file for this player, which should show what exactly it ‘thinks’ it should display and when.

If similar problem is on windows client, then schedule.xml is in the player local library if you have access to the PC running this player you can get it from there.

Of course if you want me to look at those logs or schedule.xml, please do send that to me via private message.