Finance Module on Windows CMS Help Please?

Has anyone been able to get the Finance Module working on a Windows installed CMS 1.7.6?
I can’t get it to display anything even using the default templates.
I’m just wondering if the Module is even compatible on a Windows CMS.

As per your screenshot in another topic, there seems to be a problem with curl Using Tickers, Forecast, Twitter and other external resources that make use of HTTPS connections

So that would be my first suggestion, to check if the certificate is where it should be, that paths to it are correct etc.

What php version are you using?

Hi Peter

Yea I was thinking that might be the problem also but I had the same error when trying to use Forecast.IO so I followed the instructions in the link you provided and that solved the problem with Forecast.IO I’m using PHP v5.3.28
I downloaded the cacert.pem back on the 9th of this month and I noticed the curl site states the cert is only updated once every few months or so. Do you think I might need another cert?

Can you please capture a log? It may be an unrelated problem.

I tried this before and succeeded , I forgot the exact version number, should be 1.7.4 or 1.7.5.

The certificate I used is:

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That worked thank you so much!!!
I did notice the cert I got from the link you provided was 1KB smaller in size then the one provided from the curl website.

Just as an FYI if anyone else has a problem like this, it worked for the 1.7.6 version of the Windows CMS.

Thanks Again JianjianHuang

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