File download from library

(XIBO 1.8 rc1)

my web server runs apache as a module. I’ve set the root of my xibo install to /xibo/web/.
File download mode is set to Apache. Now, when i want to download a file from library, i get:
[client ::1] (2)No such file or directory: xsendfile: cannot open file: redirect:/media/24.mp4, referer: http://xibo/library/view

the “media” folder is inside the “web” folder, what am i doing wrong?

if i set file download mode to “off” it downloads the movie, but its named test.mp4.html?

You need to configure Apache to allow XSendfile downloads from /xibo/web/media if that’s where you’ve put your library.

In general, the library shouldn’t be web-servable, so you’d be better having it in the /xibo/library folder provided.

If you use Docker, that is all pre-configured for you. You can see the configuration that uses here: