FIDS for a small Airport in Africa

Their everyone I am new to XIBO. We are a small company from Sierra Leone aiming to use XIBO as a flight information display system. Has anyone tried it before, can someone give me advice if its possible or not. Thanks

It should definitely be possible.

You could use webpage/embedded html to display it in Xibo.
Alternatively, you could use datasets.

Peter thanks for replying, is there any way you can help us to archive this. We have maximum of 7 flights which is only on Mondays and the rest of the week is 3 flights a day. Thanks in advance

Dear Everyone how can we use dataset to display a text at a specific time of a day and repeat it every day. I followed up the tutorial meeting room booking. The problem is there is a date and if I use eg (14:20:00) nothing will show. But if I use (2016-08-23 14:20:00) then it will show the text any idea please.

You would need to create records(rows) for each day - well each flight probably.

Perhaps start and end date for each flight and use the filter similar to the one in that meeting room example.

Thanks Peter I am on it.

Hello, is there any update with this topic. I’m also curious

This project is still on progress its possible with xibo but need some tweaking.

Ola amigos,

Ja trabalhei com APIs de VOOs no XIBO, funciona muito bem, excelente.

Primeiro todos precisam fazer uma assinatura para poder usar os dados.
Existem varias empresas no mercados que prestam este tipo de serviços.
Eu usei o DATASET Remot para consumir os dados no formato JSON.

Segue o link da empresa que fiz os testes:

O XIBO trabalha maravilhosamente bem com este tipo de API

Hello, could you share some information about this? Thanks

Hello, I have registered at developer flightstats and I have received the API for the assessment and, honestly, I have no idea how to configure the Remote Dataset with the FIDS API of flightstats.
Could you help me set it up? Thank you

Hi Juanlleon please send details of your airport, what is the maximum flight your airport handles a day. Email me on Thanks