Few questions to finalise my first layout


I have a few questions before I finish my first layout:

  1. How do I get my data set to stay on the screen for longer before going to the next one? I have two regions with a different data set in each. They have exactly the same settings, but one changes a lot quicker than the other.

  2. What duration should I put on my data sets? They seem to reset randomly and start again from the beginning.

  3. When I change my data set to ‘Marquee’ it displays my message for no data. When I change it back to any other effect, it works. Is this by design or something I’m doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

  1. It will depend on:
    The duration of the ticker/dataset view
    If you have ‘Duration is per item’ ticked
    How many records do they return and if they are in the single mode (ie do you have some effect selected or not)

  2. Relates to 1), in general ticker/dataset view will display all the records it should display and then go back to the first record.

  3. That’s rather odd, could you let me know what CMS version you have please?

Thanks for the quick reply!

  1. I see the option but I’m not sure what Single Mode is. If I tick ‘Duration is per item’, what value is it using with that? Is it the ‘Duration’ in the ‘General’ tab?

  2. I see! I think the refresh was when I updated the layout.

  3. I’m using 1.8.0

  1. single mode is enabled when you also have some effect selected.

right, without ‘duration is per item’ the duration will be for whole item ie in the duration specified it will try to display all the data it needs.

with ‘duration is per item’ the duration you specify is…well…per item ie per page.

There are 10 records to be displayed and we do use an effect and display one item per page.

With duration set to 100s and without ‘duration is per item’, each record will be on the screen for roughly 10s
With duration set to 100s and with ‘duration is per item’, each record will be on the screen for 100s

  1. With XMR configured and ‘Expire modified layouts’ enabled all changes you make to layouts will be pretty much immediately reflected on the player, so it’s definitely possible.

  2. It seems to work fine on a fresh 1.8.0 CMS on our hosting, could you please make sure it’s not a browser cache?
    Could be also worth scheduling it to a player and see if it works there.

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Thanks, that’s a good explanation!

As for number 3) I prefer the fade effect anyway and it seems to be working, so I’ll stick with it.

Thanks for your help!