Fetch dataset error on Xibo

Hi all

My fetch remote dataset task has errored by the look of it at 6am this morning - run now doesnt make any difference. Its been working fine - any ideas? My task scheduler for XIbo is running without errors (0x0) no problem…

It says PID 0 when Im moving my mouse over the cogs…

I saw that I could recreate the task so I deleted the one with the problem and recreated the task which seems to have resolved the issue but Ive now got 2 of my 7 remote datasets not syncing???

Lol forget that - its all working again (must have been a time delay) - would be nice to know why it stopped though and if it happens again do I just have to delete the task and readd it every time to resolve the problem?


You shouldn’t have to delete the task.

Datasets only sync when they are in use, so if layouts depending on them aren’t scheduled, or those displays showing those layouts haven’t been logged in for some time, they won’t be synced.

Once those things are true, they’ll start syncing again as needed.

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Ahhh right ok - that makes sense - as far as I know they were in use on the display but thank you for explaining why the task went into that state and that I can just leave it be…

Thanks Alex