Fast update information from Dataset

I’m creating a layout for an application which requires fast updating information after someone change it manually (it’s for a currency exchange office). I’m using Dataset to store data and allowing access to it by the people who want to change the information, but it takes around 3 minutes to update, which is too much for that situation. I’ve set the collection data and to the ticker update interval to 1 minute, but since the layout duration is around 80s, I’m not sure whether It´s possible to have any significant reduction just setting CMS parameters.

I’ve tried to create an Embedded HTML region with code that retrives data from a JSON file stored on the server by using AJAX, but for some reason it works in Preview but not in actual player.

Before I spend more time trying to find out the reason of the AJAX issue, I’d like to ask if it’s really the best way to go. I was wondering if it would be possible to use a code to retrive information from Dataset by using Xibo API in an Embedded HTML region.

Could someone give me some advice of which is the best way to achieve the fast update goal?

Thank you!

The new Xibo will support XMR, so anytime an update gets published, it will notify the client (if connected) and instantly update (or so we hope). You can set the player settings to interrupt the playing layout if it has changed.

If you truly need something that changes instantly, I’d suggest looking at something that does just that (eg. a Meteor-like framework) and just using the website plugin.

That’s perfect. I’m going to start trying the beta version. XMR is very interesting feature. Thank for your support.