Failing to Register my Client 1.7.4


I seem to have trouble registering and deploying content to my client, I pressed i on the client and the results are in the screen shot below.

If I click on Recent Log under the display’s drop down menu, it give me the error:

“6669 2015-07-31 08:00:20 Client [LibraryAgent] LibraryAgent - Run Exception in Run: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\TheWindow\Documents\Xibo Library\requiredFiles.xml’.”

Did you move the player local library folder by any chance?
Perhaps now it has some permissions issues with access to this location.
Could you check what’s in the current player’s local library?

Do you have separate locations for CMS and player local libraries?

How does it look like in CMS? - designer and preview for layout and displays page for display (what’s the status of this display?)

Hi Peter,

The layout in CMS has a check mark meaning its valid, however only the “Licence” colum is checked on this display, see shot below.

Below is what’s in the folder, there are more of those log files in that folder except the “requiredFiles.xml” it’s looking for and i gave “Everyone” full permissions on that folder. Where do I check the location on CMS?

So layout is correctly displayed in the preview, yes?
CMS library would be on your server where CMS is installed, if you by any chance host with us (Spring Signage) then please let me know.

If everything is correct in the CMS, that means player can’t download files from CMS, I asked about local library location and content because:

Is this file in your player local library specified in the player options(and is it empty or not)?

CMS side, license only means that you gave that device a display licence, it’s shown as not logged in and (!) in status which means it probably trying to download files, but can’t because it doesn’t know which files to download - ‘can’t locate requiredFiles.xml’

Unfortunately that file is not in that directory.

The preview in CMS is displaying 100%

When I click save on Client Options, i get the below error:

Well that’s certainly not good :smiley:

So, CMS side seems to be fine, but player connection to the CMS has problems from the very beginning.
At this point I would suggest to uninstall windows player completely(perhaps also delete it from CMS), then install it again just in case have a look at manual - Windows client installation guide.
Make sure that CMS address/key and local library path are correct, connect to the CMS as see what will happen.
Player should be able to download files from the CMS, but apparently somewhere along the line something went wrong.

You may also want to have look here, to make sure some other settings are fine: