External mysql database

Hello, I have contents stored in a existing MySql database. Can I connect Xibo with an existing MySql database to use the contents stored there? Thank You

If you’d like to use 1.8.2 with docker and external db, then perhaps this will be of interest to you - Xibo Docker with an external database

If you have different use case for external db, then please do tell us more about it.

I use a laptop pc with 32 bit Windows 10 Pro, build 15063.608, and I can not install Docker.
I would like to use Xibo with texts, images and media stored in an external MySql database (the same MySql database that contains the contents of my website).
it’s possible? How can I do?
I’ve been thinking of creating some scripts that copy content from my database to Xibo-database, but I would like to know if there is a better solution.
Thanks so much