External HTML page refresh delays?


I have setup Xibo and is working really well. It runs from my Webhost on one of my servers for work and is passing to the test computers I am using very well.

The issue is we have our own CRM running at work which has our sales stats and such.

I have 3 pages setup at 1920 running native and load but the issue is the delay of loading between pages can take up to 15 seconds.

I have the windows hardware running on a Kangaroo with windows 10, also a Lenovo I5 with Windows 7 and a laptop with Windows 10 and all 3 have these delays loading the pages.

These pull from an internal IP and I make sure they have full pass through on my firewall and filters.

Any idea why? Also I have tried the HTML 5 modification in IE 11.

Also tried the chrome feature and well that just breaks pretty quickly.

Tried wireless and also wired on our Gigabit network.

so Xibo with IE installed and the registry setting (browser emulation) will just open your URL in IE 11, so in theory it should work the same as it does when you’d open that URL in your browser (outside of Xibo).

So when you just open those pages in the browser do they load fast or does it also take some time?

That would be correct, pretty much the reason it’s not supported/developed and will be gone in 1.8

the pages load fine here for us. These are pages that use live data.

Works fine in IE 11, Chrome, and firefox and loads fast.

Its only when I have them placed into the Xibo player that they do load but have up to 15 second delays.

any ideas on why this could be?