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I wanted to know if you were going to continue to update the player windows working with internet explorer (last version : V2 R202) or you were going to working just with the new player V2 R254 working with chrome engine.

My problem is that i work with many music video and with player V2 R202 all it’s ok, but with the new player V2R254 i have a problem with the video fluidity ( in video animation there is a litlle blur movement : very light but unpalatable and a little shift between music and video but in a great display it’s a problem )

  • Text scrolling is jerky
    and sometimes xibo window not displaying correct size in windows boot

thank’s for reply

Our future developments and features will be in the new Player. The old one will receive fixes for the rest of Version 2, but only for problems with existing features. We put a lot of work in to R201/R202 to make sure they were in a good position to be considered feature stable for an extended period of time.

Of course we will also be working to solve any issues found in the new player with things like performance of video/text scrolling. We are looking into having a new marquee system for v3 to improve scrolling performance (https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/2202).

For Video, R202 uses Windows Media Player, and R252+ uses MediaElement, which is DirectX (DirectShow). They are different technologies, which may explain the difference in results. The new player is also doing compositing, where you can have a Widget on top of Video, and that is more intensive to do.

That being said, I have not noticed the effects you mention and I do not know of any other reports of the same issue. If you wanted to supply a sample of your videos for us to try you can upload them somewhere and PM me a link.

In the meantime if R202 fulfils your needs, it is perfectly reasonable to stay with that version while we further fix and refine the new Player.


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thank’s dan for all, i think that the best way to take.

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