Expire Modified Designs (Not Found)

Hello, I am new to the forum.
I have a problem or doubt v1.7.6 Xibo use in display configurations when unchecked “Modified Designs Expire” change a layout that is playing, which lasts for example 1 hour and add a new image to the layout, the layout that is playing when receiving the update restarts and begins again.
I tried the same cheked “Expire Modified Designs” and also resume play.

should not keep playing until the end of the layout ??

I’m sorry but my English is not very good.

Expire Modified Designs
Modified designs expire IMMEDIATELY AFTER A CHANGE . This means that a design can be finished during playback if you receive an update from the CMS

“Expire Modified Layouts immediately on change. This means a layout can be cut during playback if it receives an update from the CMS”

So with this option ticked, it will change next time your client connects to the CMS (collection interval) and it will be cut.

Thank you for responding, I understand what you say, but I checked or unchecked option arises no effect on the client, always short playback when you harvest. This option does not detect