Excel Spreadsheet Display


Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

So I have a client which is displaying an excel spreadsheet on a 4K tv. The spread sheet is extremely wide.
It shows all 52 weeks of the year. Now the customer would like me to display this with a scroll bar on the bottom so they can move the sheet. (They have a mouse attached to the Android device)

Im using and Android client with an embedded webpage to to this.

Basically the customer has a sheet that every time ist saved it published to a folder on there server within IIS and this works well, The problem I’m having is that the display is trying to scale the output and trying to display the whole sheet. If I look at the sheet is IE or Chrome get the scroll bars and can move around the sheet.

Here is the config I’m using (very simple)

iframe src=“http://excel.****.co.uk” width=“3840” height=“2160” >

IS this a limitation of Xibo or should I be looking at the browser on the android device?

Seems I have worked it out all I had to do was add “Scrolling=yes” and then I could click and drag the displayed excel sheet left and right.