Error with time zones

I posted this a few weeks ago:

there is some mistake with the timezones:
the PCs timzone is UTC+1:00 …Vienna, but we have Summer-Time, that means + 1.

Standard-Differenz UTC: +1:00 Stunde
Aktuelle Differenz UTC: +2:00 Stunden Summer-Time

therefore the CMS and the Players timezone is correct on UTC+1, System-time is correct with UTC+1+1. That does NOT mean a different TimeZone!!!
The CMS Settings say GMT+2 Vienna, I think, that is definitly wrong, the GMT Zone of Vienna is GMT+1, the actual time in summer is GMT+1 + 1 hour.

It’s correct (now that we’re in summer time), for example England is in BST now (British Summer Time) which is GMT+1, most of the Europe is currently in CEST (Central European Summer time) which is GMT|CET+2.

When I look NOW into my PC, it is Wednesday, June 17 08:52, Time Zone is UTC+1:00

UTC+1 = 07:52, but we have summertime and 1 hour later. The TimeZone itself is not changing because of summertime.

Summertime 2017:
26.03.2017 02:00 bis 29.10.2017 03:00
Summertime 2018:
25.03.2018 02:00 bis 28.10.2018 03:00
Standard-Differenz UTC:
+1:00 hour
actual Differenz UTC:
+2:00 hours

When I take a look at xibo Settings, I see (GMT+02:00) Europe, Vienna. But Vienna is GMT+01:00, and when calculating the actual time you have to add 1 hour between 28.3.1027 and 29.10.2017.

a big part of europe has UTC+01:00, only GB and Portugal have UTC+00.00 and Eastern Europe has UTC+02:00.

the source of this discussion is a mismatch of time in Scheduler, Agenda, PC-System and Xibo Settings. At the Moment i cannot extend my testing, because xibo does not accept any schedule entries, dont know why, i will do a new Installation.

Here is my test:
CMS and Player are on 1.8.1 in the same LAN, both machines showing the same time and timezone.
no scheduled Events, Display Shows ist Default layout
now the time is 17:53

I am going to add an Event for today from 18:00 to 19:00: Layout “Christmas”, “Run at CMS Time” is unchecked

the Event appears in the Scheduler (year, month, week, day) for today 18:00 - 19:00
btw: sometimes the Event appears TWICE, i could watch this on earlier tests

Here is the error:
in AGENDA the Event appears from 19:00 to 20:00, when you move the slider to this time.

The Display itself changes the layout on 18:00 according to the Event and I think, it falls back to the Default layout on 19:00

Perhaps you’ve encountered this bug related to Agenda view?

yes in April 2017 i posted this bug in Connection with my Suggestion about the wrong time Zone for Vienna in CMS Settings.
I didnt realize that this part of my posting was taken as a bug with solution in 1.8.2.

greetings from Salzburg