Error with Remote Source Data Set

Hello, I have trouble configuring the Data Set for remote data source. CMS version 1.8.10 installed in ubuntu 16.4. My datasource is a mysql database at a different machine. Here’s my configuration

Here’s captured log file

My question is:

  1. Can Xibo DataSet fetch data from mysql database? If yes,
  2. How to know that the connection has already been established?
  3. Does Xibo DataSet only retrieve data in JSON format?

I am new with using Xibo. Please help with this issue.
Thank you

What you’ve done there isn’t expected to work.

Remote datasets require json data, made available on a webserver. It isn’t supposed to be able to connect to a MySQL server.

Okay understood…
Does it requires array or object json structure…? or could xibo DataSet understand both structure?

It consumes json data - so broadly anything that can be iterated over, that is json formatted will be fine.

There’s lots of examples on here where people have posted json data they want to consume, so I’d have search to see some examples.

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