Error while booting Xibo CMS for the 2nd time

Hello there,

So I have been able to run Xibo on Windows properly. The thing is, for testing purposes, I restarted Docker and now I can’t seem to be able to run the CMS again.
I can enter the docker-compose stop command no problem, but when I enter the start command, 2 elements return an error : cms-xmr and cms-web.

Here is the error message : ERROR: for cms-xmr Cannot start service cms-xmr: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint xibo-docker-221_cms-xmr_1 (8513812661daaebd0337e16e325bacebb2fa108b550ae75e6cee225ee7a15149): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: explains that only one use type is authorised per socket.
Thing is, I verified the ports I use, they are listening to com.docker.backend.exe, which is fine I think.
Something worth noting, I only booted CMS once, so maybe I did/didn’t do something

Thank you for your time

Edit : Maybe something else worth noting, I entered the down command then up, and I got an error from cms-xmr_1which brings up the same error as before.

Thank you for your message. Can you run the docker ps -a command and confirm what is returned?

Also can you confirm you are running those Commands as an Admin?

Many Thanks.

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