Error when importing layouts


I am receiving a “internal server error” when trying to import a layout into 1.8.1 , the exported layout was from our existing 1.7.9 cms .

any idea ?

Is this docker or custom installation?

What kind of content is on the layout and how big is it?
Is there more details about this error in the CMS logs?

You can also send this layout to me and I’ll try to import it to our dev CMS - you’d need to upload it to dropbox/similar and share the download link with me via private message.

docker install

there is a mixture of pictures, videos as well as embedded html elements which all worked on the previous cms

I’m getting a error of “Layout has empty region” but I checked and as faqr as I can see all regions have content in them

I will send you the link in private messages.

did you manage to work out what was causing this ?

Yes, I believe it was this bug -

Basically due to file size (over 300M in this case) it failed with an internal error, after applying the fix that Dan mentioned, it does work correctly.

It will be included in the 1.8.2 release.

In the meantime I’d suggest exporting it without some of the videos to lower the size of the .zip archive.