Error SystemArgumentException Invalid JSON

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CMS Version

Xibo 2.3.2 on Docker Ubuntu 18

Player Type

Xibo for Windows

Player Version

v2 R252


after installing Xibo Player v2 R252 on Windows, I get the following error (System.ArgumentException:Invalid JSON primitive:). at SystemWeb.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptObjec
I have no idea where the JSON file is located and what should I change? Help!!

A bug was reported for this already here:

It will be fixed in the next release.

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Hi Alex,

When is the next release to fix this? Or how do I supress on a player until the fix is released?

My environment is Spring Signage CMS with white label windows player.


Very soon. Hopefully early next week. In the interim, you can either remove the extra : "60" } from the json file, although it may well come back, or disable the Watchdog temporarily by stopping the Player and the Watchdog, renaming the executable in the installation directory, then starting the Player again.

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ok thanks. I’ll disable the watchdog…

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