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Thanks a lot!
I have got two questions, maybe you can help me. I have installed Xibo on Docker Ubuntu 18.04 which is also recommended from Xibo. It works pretty good. Since I am very new to Docker and do not have enough knowledge about it, I seached a lot in the internet but still didn’t understand
Q1: During XIBO Installation Docker, why I had to Install Xibo Docker, Stable Build and Docker CE (Community edition) ?
Q2: what
Installing XIBO CMS, what does this command really do, I know it exract the file to e.g ```
/opt/xibo directory, what would be installed just the CMS or something else?
tar --strip-components=1 -zxvf xibo-docker.tar.gz
Thanks in advance

You need to install Docker as Xibo running in Docker requires Docker to run! The notes instruct you to install the latest Docker CE build which is what you should have done. You don’t need to install 3 different versions.

The command extracts the files that tell docker-compose and hence Docker how to run the CMS containers. docker-compose will then run 4 containers - the CMS, a MySQL database, XMR and quickchart, all of which are required to run Xibo.

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Thanks! CMS, MySQL and XMR are known to me but Quickchart sounds new one , could you shed a light on it please what this container does?

It makes charts and QR codes.

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