Error on command docker-compose up -d

I am setting up CMS on a Ubuntu 18.04.3 and I follow the instructions on your website:

I follow the instructions exact. When I get to the part mention below I get an error message. See attachment and below

Now bring the CMS up

docker-compose up -d

line 1: syntax error near unexpected token ‘<’
line 1 :Malformed request

Then it does nothing

You did not get the correct docker file, you downloaded HTML file. Check file content and redownload it again

I reloaded Ubuntu and ran all the proper command and now a get message that the proper configuration file is not found. I ran all the correct commands and still no luck. Do I need to download the files directly to a usb drive and copy them to the location?

I obtain an error that says that docker-compose can’t find any configuration file

You need to be inside the folder with compose file, so if you are going through instructions you need to
mkdir /opt/xibo
cd /opt/xibo
tar --strip 1 -zxvf xibo-docker.tar.gz

Make sure that you are in /opt/xibo when you run docker-compose up

Can you post a screenshot showing the files in your /opt/xibo directory please?

Many Thanks.

I was in the correct folder and had the correct files. I had to put sudo at the beginning to get it to work.

Great news! Glad the issue is now resolved.

Many Thanks.


I’m experiecing the same issue. Even after downloading 2.1.1 (and upzipping ofcourse) the issue is the same as with 2.1.0
When I run sudo docker-compose up -d the error message is

  1. /usr/local/bin/docker-compose: syntax error; redirection unexpected

It does seem to look for a file in another location than /opt/xibo …

I found the solution in another post:

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