If you can’t work around the proxy issues, you can transfer the images out of band.

So on a machine without proxy, run the following:

docker pull xibosignage/xibo-xmr:release_1.8.1
docker pull xibosignage/xibo-cms:release_1.8.1
docker pull mysql:5.6
docker save xibosignage/xibo-xmr:release_1.8.1 > xmr.tar.gz
docker save xibosignage/xibo-cms:release_1.8.1 > cms.tar.gz
docker save mysql:5.6 > mysql.tar.gz

Copy those three tar.gz files over to the production box, then run

docker load -i xmr.tar.gz
docker load -i cms.tar.gz
docker load -i mysql.tar.gz

Then do your docker-compose up -d or whatever as normal, and it won’t need to download those images.