"Empty file in ZIP"

I had version 1.8.10 until I decided to upgrade to 2.0.3.
I then exported all of my layouts.
I switched to the 2.0.3-version and I tried to import them.
Unfortunately it failed and said “Empty file in ZIP”.
So I thought the version difference could be part of the problem and I tried to import them again inside of the 1.8.10-version and it didn’t work there too. Same problem…

I looked inside of the ZIP-files and no file was empty.
All files in there:

  • dataSet.json size: 2
  • layout.json size: 100
  • layout.xml size: 2375
  • mapping.json size: 102

Do you know what could cause this specific problem?

Best Regards,
Robert Kessler

I fixed it so far.
I just upgraded so I didn’t have to import all of my layouts.

Thank you for your message and for confirming that Upgrading your CMS resolved your issue. This is a very unusual issue, I would be interested to see some logs from your CMS when you attempt to import the Layout and receive the empty zip message.

You can create the logs by using the Report fault option in your CMS. Follow the steps and make sure to Turn on Debugging when asked. Continue until you are asked to Open in a new Window, click that option and try to import the Layout. Once you receive the Empty zip error, close that new window, return to the original window with report Fault open and continue with the steps. Collect and Save when the opportunity appears. If you can pass on those logs, I could look into what is happening when the CMS thinks the zip file is empty.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for your reply.

I did that and attached the outcome in this mail.

I hope you find a solution.

(Attachment troubleshoot.zip is missing)

Thanks for your reply. I can’t see the attached troubleshoot file, would you be able to try again?

Many Thanks.

I can only post images here so I tried it via mail.

Do you have a google drive or other file upload site I can download the logs from? If not, please let me know and I will try to locate a solution for you.

Many Thanks.

Okey, here:

Try your best

That’s great, thank you for that. I’ll take a look and pass on any updates I have on this issue.

Many Thanks.

I can see the errors that are occurring when the CMS attempts to import the Layout. Is it also possible that I could have a copy of that Layout zip file that you tried to import?

Many Thanks.


Thank you for that, I will continue to investigate.

Many Thanks.

My apologies for the long series of messages. What media types are supposed to be included in this Layout? Can you confirm how many images and or videos should be in this Layout, excluding media retrieved from the internet.

Many Thanks.

Uhm, this layout I sent you should only show one video.
Other layouts have more than 5 tickers, pictures or other widgets

The reason the Layout mentioned in your Log is not importing is because there are files missing from the Layout. I could see that there was an error in the logs that stated that a jpg could not be located in the Library Folder. I then took a look inside the Layout zip file and found that it doesn’t have a Library folder at all. The Logs do not appear to be for the same Layout you sent me.

If you use a tool such as 7Zip, can you open the archive for your Layout Zips and confirm if any of them have a Library folder? As a test, can you also export one of the Layouts from your 2.0.3 CMS and confirm if there is now a Library Folder inside the Zip file?

Many Thanks.

There is no Library folder in any of these.
This must be the problem because an export from 2.0.3 has a Library folder and I’m able to import them too.
Is this a bug from 1.8.10?

Thank you for confirming that the Library folder is missing from all of the Layout zip files. It is possible this was a bug with 1.8.10 but I cannot see any reported issues around this for 1.8.10. So far I have not been able to replicate this in my 1.8.13 CMS but I will continue to investigate. The fact that you are no longer running that version and your CMS is correctly exporting the Layouts is good and means that this issue should no longer affect you.

Many Thanks.

Okey, this is fine.
I hope you find a solution for this problem.
Thank you for your support and keep up the good work.

Best Regards,
Robert Kessler

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