"Empty file in ZIP"


I had version 1.8.10 until I decided to upgrade to 2.0.3.
I then exported all of my layouts.
I switched to the 2.0.3-version and I tried to import them.
Unfortunately it failed and said “Empty file in ZIP”.
So I thought the version difference could be part of the problem and I tried to import them again inside of the 1.8.10-version and it didn’t work there too. Same problem…

I looked inside of the ZIP-files and no file was empty.
All files in there:

  • dataSet.json size: 2
  • layout.json size: 100
  • layout.xml size: 2375
  • mapping.json size: 102

Do you know what could cause this specific problem?

Best Regards,
Robert Kessler


I fixed it so far.
I just upgraded so I didn’t have to import all of my layouts.