Emoji.css, emoji.png, standard-icons.png not downloading

I’ve recently run into a problem with my Windows 1.8.1 clients not fully downloading the .xlf file for their assigned layout. When I looked at the file in c:\Users\xiboplayer\Documents\Xibo Library, I saw that it appeared to be truncated at 25,978 bytes.

I tightened up some of the descriptions in the Text modules in my timeline to see if that would get more of the .xlf downloaded, and now that it’s 25,826 bytes long, it’s working fine. It seems that file was just slightly too big.

(I’ve got 16 Text items in my timeline right now, and each one has a paragraph in it. Maybe there’s a better way to store those, but that’s how I got to an .xlf file of that size.)

For what it’s worth, my server is still at 1.8.0.

Not that I know of.

To test it I’ve created bigger .xlf file (around 40KB) and that played just fine - it’s not truncated and seems to be displaying all the text I’ve put on the layout.

The above is on 1.8.1 (CMS and player), but I don’t think we’ve changed anything in regards to layout .xml files.

Other than the file being truncated is there any error message on status window?

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I’m sorry, I can’t remember exactly and I’d prefer not to cause the problem again right now. I do remember that the information screen was listing that at 0%, and requiredFiles.xml was showing it as still in progress, not complete. But then again that’s true of standard-icons.png, emoji.png, and emoji.css, and I don’t even know why those would be in a list of required files; I don’t remember using them in my layouts.

However, since I’ve received an answer to the question I was asking, you won’t upset me by closing this thread if you’d rather tell me about those emoji files in another thread.

Those are the default modules I believe, it’s certainly rather odd that your player refuse to download them.

Are there any errors in CMS logs? Could we perhaps see a screenshot of status window on your device please?

Sure, here’s a screenshot from a display that we’re not yet using in production, but has the issue with downloading certain resources:

And here’s a redacted but detailed log: https://pastebin.com/0rm8yD3K

If you’d navigate to path to those missing files (redacted from logs) does that download them just fine?

I see that you don’t have XMR configured - I believe you’re using Docker tollbox?
If so you should only need to add correct xmr public address in CMS Settings -> Displays tab.

Is the windows user running Xibo player an administrator or ‘normal’ user?

You could also try to verify all modules on Modules page and restart your player, although I believe there was a bug about it in 1.8.0.

I assume you’re waiting for 1.8.2 to do the upgrade?
If you’re using docker toolbox as I believe you do, then upgrading the CMS to 1.8.1 could be a good idea as well - as it should be rather quick and painless.

Well, for heaven’s sake! Those files weren’t in the server’s library. They are now, and I’ve upgraded the server (yes, Docker) to 1.8.1. Thanks.