Embedding input from Setup Top Box / Live TV



An interesting signage that I saw the other day which had a part of the region with Live TV. A set top box was attached to the digital signage solution, one region in it was live tv… even the remote was working through the set top box…

is it possible to have similar in xibo android??

Streaming NEWS on template

Just a thought… This sounds more like picture in picture on a television, with the layout setup to display content around where the television would show the second feed/input such as live tv.


Its difficult to have this in Android from a TV Tuner without the Android device having some sort of video input feed and a sane way to access the stream.

You can do it with a RTSP stream of course.


will this work with a windows client??

Also how we do it with RTSP??


It needs to be a unicast RTSP stream with a codec that Android can display - ie webm or H264. Multicast streams are not supported as Android has no support for it.

Beyond that it’s just a case of entering the stream URL in the Local Video module as detailed here:

As for the Windows player
You could try with VLC rtsp link maybe or have a look here:


Hi dan,
I just bought a player with an HDMI Input, is there any way to setup a region to show the audio and video from this HDMI port?


a HDMI input? that is unusual - do you have any documentation for the device?

I am not sure how that port would be addressed - obviously that is something non-standard to Android


Can u briefly explain how to configure live tv streaming throuh lan.

i am trying so many days but i failed .

pls help me in details


we got and android box with HDMI input (ZIDOO X9)

Is there a way to setup a region with video external video souce through hdmi input


dear @dan, i too got a device with HDMI IN… how do we configure for XIBO HDMI IN…


have you finished the project?please let me know how to put live tv on Xibo.



I thought that I had already replied in this thread, but, apparently I have not. I purchased a epiphan Pearl https://www.epiphan.com/products/pearl/ this device is a professional grade portable video switcher. It allows unicast and multicast (unicast is what you want for android client). I use it to encode video output from two dish network receivers and an over the air TV tuner. The three rtsp streams can be set as a small “window” like PIP or as the full layout. This way we can schedule TV for certain hours, and control what is view able. It is a little pricey, but has been very stable and works very well.


I’m using a usb capture card, and a digital tv converter connected on the usb capture card, and also use a jscam script that recognizes a web cam or usb capture card,

This and the script I am using works perfectly, without delay, without bandwidth consumption and load on the processor

I would like the developers of xibo to put this function as standard, and very useful, my mode is not guaranteed, and only works with updated IE and updated flash

i use this script in region>Embedded>HTML to Embed, for live tv local <iframe id="iframe" width='584' height='393' scrolling="no" src="http://tv.stelc.net/tvonline/jscam/webcamjs/demos/combo.html2"></iframe>
i use this script in region>Embedded>HTML to Embed, for live tv online m3u8 rtsp rtmp and etc… <iframe id="iframe" width='584' height='393' scrolling="no" src="http://tv.stelc.net/tvonline/player.php"></iframe>


Hi Friend, is Ephiphan “perl” work through “Real Time Streaming Protocol” right? is this work fine for xibo android player?


Yes, the “Perl” does output RTS Stream. Ehhiphan now makes a less expensive product that outputs a RTS Video stream. My Pearl unit was destroyed in a lightning strike, good luck to you.