Embedded website item locking up and being removed from rotation

I have created a slide for our lobby screen that embeds a fullscreen (1080x1920) website featuring a Wordpress-powered calendar of events. The slide works perfectly the first time, displaying the information as expected, but the next time it comes up in the rotation, only the background image is displayed (set in the Xibo options, if I don’t choose an associated background image, I get only a black screen). This is displayed for 10 seconds (as established by the “Duration for Empty Layouts” setting) and is then removed from rotation.

The “Use CEF as the Web Browser” option causes the whole slideshow to stop responding. All of the rest of the slides, which feature static image slides, work fine.

I am currently using:

Client: 1.7.5 (Windows 7 PC)
CMS: 1.7.5

I have tried to delete and then recreate the slide, but it always ends with the same result. The issue does not occur on my laptop, which is where development and testing occurs, running the same client version and operating system.

Any ideas?


Apologies for the delay, it seems we missed your topic.

Since it’s working on your laptop, perhaps on your display device you’re missing the IE 11 and browser emulation setting? Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player - #2

Are there any errors associated with this issue?


Please don’t use CEF, it was never fully working as expected (definitely not recommended in a production environment)