Embedded HTML working fine in preview layout but showing blank on Xibo Display

I have Xibo 1.6 on ubuntu.I have embedded a javascript for the weather report and time in embedded section in the server.When I see in the preview layout,everything is working fine but when I push the same layout on my Xibo, the xibo screen is not showing anything(blank) .
On the terminal I see a error like this CERT_PKIXVerifyCert for dl.google.com failed err=-8181

In the preview layout, it shows like this


While on the xibo display it looks blank

Please help me on this

You really should consider updating your CMS and player to currently supported versions (at least 1.7.9), I appreciate that linux client is not supported at this point (but will be with our new cross-platform player), but we have no sane way to test early 1.6 series with 1.6 beta player that wasn’t touched for years now.