Embed Office 365 presentation, cookies popup on android

Hi. I am using a firestick with xibo and have succesfully had office 365 powerpoint presentation embedded in xibo. This has been working fine but recently I am constantly getting cookie acceptance policy pop up whenever the page loads. This doesnt happen on my xibo windows installs but happens on all my android versions. Any way I can turn this function off?


On Windows you do make registry changes to make such pop-ups not appear when Xibo loads a PowerPoint Presentation.

I’m not certain if it’s achievable in your use case on Android (as I don’t think we’ve tested that), generally I’d recommend saving PP presentation as videos to show them on Android players.

Thanks. This is an office online embedable presentation if that makes any difference. Not a normal powerpoint presentation.

Hello, We suddenly have a problem with cookies.
We are using the recommended DSCS9 Android player
An URL is copied in the webbrowser module (SolarEdge) i removed the key due to privacy reasons

Since today we got the message on the android presentation: "The page at “https://monitoringpublic.solaredge.com” says: Cookies are disabled. Please enable Cookies.

Is something changed last week in the app (android apk)?
How can i set the DSCS9 device it will accept the cookies?


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