Embed html music player

Hi people, i’m testing xibo with android client.
Im creating a layout with a backgroud music load into region and embed a html to http://v6.player.abacast.net/854
In preview mode play automaticaly, but in android player no, show me the button to play.

Any idea?


If this player is anything like Youtube player then autoplay on android will most likely require additional script - if they have any documentation about embedding this player especially on android devices, then that could be a good place to start looking for a solution.

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Thanks, unfortunately dont hace any doc of the player. I tried to use a youtube video to bring some background music.

Im tried folowing this steps but i cant get YT player work on android.

Unfortunately as stated in the kb post that script work around for autoplay does not work on every android device.

Could you let us know what device are you using please? (mark, model, android version)

I know it works on our recommended devices as I’ve recently tested that (for other community member).

Hi is a MXQ OTT(?)
Quad Cortex A5 1.5Ghz AMlogix S805 o S805x dont remember
1GB Ram 8GB Storage
Ethernet, wifi, bt, 4 usb port
Android 4.4.2

Work good for now.