Email notifications task stops running after upgrade to 1.8.4

Working again after reverting back to 1.8.3 (both docker installs).

Possibly related error in log: 7035 17540ca 2018-01-16 23:15 CONSOLE GET ERROR / Discarding NotificationId 680 as no email address could be resolved.

Despite error, seem to be getting notification emails and email notifications task keeps running every 5 minutes in 1.8.3 (unlike 1.8.4). Confirmed that config.env file has correct email and password (a gmail account).

Any suggestions? Thanks.

We’ve identified the issue with sending emails in 1.8.4, namely this issue

New Docker containers that have the fix included are now live.

To pull the new containers you’d down the docker then run

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

with the -f flag if you’re using a custom compose file (custom ports, remote mysql etc).

ie for example:

docker-compose -f cms_custom-ports.yml pull
docker-compose -f cms_custom-ports.yml up -d

Too all our Cloud Hosting users, this fix is already live in our Cloud.

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Thanks for the quick resolution! Email notifications are working again in 1.8.4.

The log, however, is still showing the “CONSOLE GET ERROR / Discarding NotificationId 6xx as no email address could be resolved” for each notification. Is this anything that needs to be addressed? Despite the error, I am receiving email notifications.

I’m glad that fixed it for you.

That is rather odd, as this Error message can appear in log only if there is no email address associated with the user ie when we do not know where to send the notification.

In your case it clearly goes through the code that only resolves if the email address is set (as it does send you the email), so it’s rather odd that it also shows that error.

Is the email suppose to go only to you or are there other users marked to receive the notification as well?
Or perhaps this is system notification to which some users are set to receive?

Perhaps users that do not have email address specified on the Users page?

There is only 1 user (me) and, as you suspected, it did not have an email address specified. The “admin” (same user) already gets email notification via the general maintenance setting - so I believe I can just unmark notification receipts for the user.

Thanks again!