Email notification is not working

I installed latest version of XIBO but email notification is not working on it . Can anyone help me out here you can see it

Thank you for your message. According to your screenshot, the Email Notifications task is Active. Can you answer the following questions:

  • Were Email Alerts working previously but are now not working?
  • Is it Custom or Docker? What OS is it installed on?
  • Have you configured the other Settings for Email Alerts according to our Post CMS installation Guide?
    Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

Many Thanks.


I have configured it on go-daddy server without docker version 1.8.5. Everything is working fine but email notification only works when I run cron job url?changeme. I want if any of my display stop working or go offline a notification will send to my registered email. Can you please tell how to configure it?

Thank you for the further information. What OS are you using for your installation? Are you using shared hosting?

As this is a custom install I will not be able to help with the configuration itself but I would definitely recommend taking a look at our Installation Guides again and double checking you have set up your CMS correctly.

You didn’t mention in your reply whether you had followed the instructions in the Post CMS installation Guide and the XTR tasks documentation to set up Email Notifications. I have included links to those pages too so you can check your configuration is correct:

Many Thanks.

Thanks for reply

i have follow all instructions and yes i was using the shared hosting and now i also tried on digitaloceasn server with docker but still i am not getting any email . and now have both version like web and docker i just want email working. if you want you can add me over the skype here is id bhupinder.kumar111 may then we can resolve this issue . I need to solve it

Thank again for your support .
Bhupinder Kumar

I have same issue at my environment, did you solve yours?